How does sender score affect deliverability?
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How does sender score affect deliverability?

It is important to understand that sender score and deliverability are two separate entities. Although they often correlate with each other, they are not the same thing. Many mailbox providers will look at an IP’s sender score to determine whether or not the IP is a reputable sender to allow through the gateway. Universally, the better the sender score, the more likely the mail will be accepted by a mailbox provider. However, all mailbox providers are unique and will weight IP reputation differently. Some mailbox providers might look at a sender’s unknown user rate and others might place more weight on spam traps.

Additionally, the metrics within a sender score can and will affect deliverability. For example if a customer becomes blacklisted, they are more likely to have issues getting through the receivers gateway then when they were not blacklisted.

How can I improve my sender score?”

Sender scores are dynamic. You might see your sender score trending down one week and then up the next. Focusing on the big reputation issues is the most direct way to affect sender scores. Reducing complaints, reducing unknown users, and getting rid of spam traps (especially pristine traps) will help in the quest to improve sender score. powermta, powermta installation

Volume is another factor in improving sender score. It is important to make sure that volume is consistent and that spikes in volume are few and far between.


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