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DescriptionWho considered us the best Barcelona translation agency? The title of this new blog article, under no circumstances we aim to tell you that we are one of the best Austin certified translation in Barcelona. Doing so would be all a recklessness on our part, speak well of oneself has little or no value in the s. xxi. You coincides with this statement? So, what we've done is spend some time to analyze nearly forty witnesses that some customers have written about us, figure which, by the way, increases each month. These testimonies are accessible to anyone seeking information on Google about Planet Lingua - Barcelona-translation agency, since the search engine incorporates these valuations so treasured in our translation agency specifications. Customers who consider us the best Barcelona translation agency Each and every one of them have devoted us very politely a few minutes of your precious time and have written a few lines about his opinion about the service they receive from our translation agency, one of the agencies with more years of experience of the city of Barcelona. To all of them we want to send them a loving hug and thank you enormously while we have spent. Thanks to these valuations, day after day, other companies much like national and international, find us online. We read and contact us so that we prepare them a custom budget that, once authorized, will allow us to begin to work with them as its lead agency for translation of texts and documents. Skills that most customers of this translation agency Made this introduction and before you read any of these wonderful testimonies that so many customers have written about us, let us you summarize ten skills that are repeated in these testimonials: Kindness. Efficiency. Resolution. High quality. Excellence. Free. Quickly. Excellent value for money. Precision. Requirement. Testimonies that we have selectedagencia de traduccion en barcelona, planet lingua Now, we advise you to read in detail each of the following testimonies of those who, as you can imagine, we are tremendously proud, because they reflect the effort, as a translation agency, we always do with every customer who chooses us. LAIA Umbert Planet Lingua is a guarantee of quality and excellence. They are key partners for translations. No matter the languages in which you should translate your documents, or if they are complex documents full of technicalities. There are no obstacles or barriers in Planet Lingua. They are masterful in their services, translation of documents, both in immediate translations. A recognition applauded in our multinational, Planet Lingua is essential operations. They are without a doubt the best to translate documents of all kinds: from catalogues to training and manuals user, without ignore so dense technical manuals. The service is excellent, but also treatment and contact is unbeatable. Without a doubt, they are a company with a very professional team, winning with his way of working the confidence of all its customers. Fidelity to them is indisputable. If still you have not worked with them, do not miss the time Planet Lingua provides you with life! They speak your language and your customers end. Marta Parisi The project manager (Ariana López) very responsive and professional. Very good communication with the Agency and effective management of the work.
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